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Select any poster below to play the movie, totally free. As usual its a one take wonder with no apologies for the rough edges. A short film about a postapocalyptic hellhole, the salton sea. Ceol sean free online bagpipe settings master index. Its a crime and drama movie with a better than average rotten tomatoes critics. Watch the salton sea movie trailers, exclusive videos, interviews from the cast, movie clips and more at. The area surrounding the salton sea has many unique and. Salton sea, the dvd 2001 dvd empire free shipping on. I love how cleverly the exposition is woven into the narration, especially in the first act. The salton sea when i fall in love by the purple pit. The salton sea and what happened in the movie made me do research of my own, salton sea has a story as well as what the charectors portrayed.

The salton sea is a shallow, saline, endorheic rift lake located directly on the san andreas fault, predominantly in the u. The salton sea is a saline, inland lake with no drainage to the ocean that in the 1950s was developed into a resort called bombay bay, which was popular with hollywoods glitterati. A driver hits someone on a remote desert road animal or human, but more importantly did she kill it. With joel bissonnette, keylor leigh, april marshallmiller, olivia may. The salton sea 2002 after the murder of his beloved wife, danny parker is set adrift in a world where nothing is as it seems. In a forgotten town by the salton sea, newcomers build a bohemian dream bombay beach, once a desert resort, fell into decrepitude. Pooh bear is one of the most infamous drug dealers in the region and danny tries to set up a huge score with him in order to tip off the cops. The once glamorous salton sea is now rife with toxic dust and dying fish the salton sea is a polluted accident turned natural resource, and the government is finally giving it funding.

Released by varese sarabande in 2002 containing music from the salton sea 2002. On his journey he befriends slacker jimmy the finn and becomes involved in rescuing his neighbor colette from her own demons. My first short film capturing bombay beach, and the salton sea beach in california. The accidental sea salton sea the documentary network. The salton sea fascinates visitors with its many different geological and volcanic features, which spring from the massive magma chamber hidden beneath the lowlying sea. At 223 feet below sea level, the ski inn on avenue a in the tiny, windswept town of bombay beach is comfortably the lowest drinking. The salton sea is available on dvd, but not bluray. She was in the wrong place at the wrong time and then she was no more. A handsomely stylish, semipunk, drugculture updating of the wrongedmansrevenge film noir plot, the salton sea has one of the most enticingly, quintessentially film noir opening scenes ive ever seen. Purchase the salton sea on digital and stream instantly or download offline. He ends up turning informant for two cops and tells them what is going on in the drug trade. Miracle in the desert tells the story of the salton seas creation to its current state. Hoping to convince his wife that a promotion across the country could change their lives, brian takes her on a trip to a faded resort town where they once honeymooned. Salton sea documentary feature film by greg bassenian.

Caruso, this pulpy noir mystery is a dark tale of redemption set among southern california crystal methamphetamine tweakers. Where can i buy this hallmark movie at love at sea on dvd. However, it is available for digital downloads at both amazon and itunes in hd as an alternative. While playing the trumpet in a burning room, the protagonists voice is heard in narration. After the murder of his beloved wife, danny parker is set adrift in a world where nothing is as it seems. Residential hotel room night a man recumbent on the bed, playing a trumpet, his white dress shirt defaced by a flower of blood. I would strongly recommend it to anyone who loves great action packed movies that keep you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end. Geologists estimate that for 3 million years, at least through all the years of the pleistocene glacial age, the colorado river worked to build its delta in the southern. The snowman 2017 standing up 20 laurens dutchman roemer. You may recognize it from the film adaptation of into. Alexa stars as an event planner organizing a culinary cruise and has everything set to the last detail. Al pacino and john goodman are terrific as detectives teamed up to catch. While the salton sea may not be as ground breaking as. The movie stars al pacino, looking older and a little lined but more convincing than in most of his other recent roles as a homicide detective who is.

Caruso and starring val kilmer and vincent donofrio. Event planner olivia alexa is organizing a culinary cruise and has everything set to the last detail. Rent the salton sea 2002 on dvd and bluray dvd netflix. Sea of love is a tough, sexy thriller, one of the most exciting suspense movies of the year, and undoubtedly the funniest. Caruso, starring val kilmer, vincent donofrio and peter sarsgaard it follows the story of danny parker kilmer, a former trumpet player and speed freak amphetamine addict who works as an informant for two seedy undercover cops. Watch the salton sea 2002 movie streaming without downloading free, watch the salton sea 2002 movie online for free, watch the salton sea online full download movie2k, free the salton sea movie download, watch the salton sea 2002 full movie online, how to download the salton sea full movie. Danny is antagonized by undercover narcotics agents and sadistic dealer poohbear. The salton sea is a moody, dark thriller starring val kilmer as a speed freak with a secret, who gets involved with a nasty hillbilly gangster with no nose, two crooked cops and the fbi. In a forgotten town by the salton sea, newcomers build a. Thus begins the odyssey of two troubled women fleeing through a land as broken and in need of redemption as.

A small movie from 2002 that got far less attention than it deserved, the salton sea, starring val kilmer, vincent donofrio, and peter sarsgaard, is a moody, gritty. Rent the salton sea 2002 starring val kilmer and vincent donofrio on dvd and bluray. For the people who dont do drugs, or just do them occasionally, its something that becomes your life, and you belong. Watch the salton sea 2002 full movie online m4ufree.

Miracle in the desert tells the story of the salton sea s creation to its current state of peril and impending ecological disaster. He is playing miles davis moody, spanishinfluenced saeta, a haunting and lonely piece. The salton sea featuring val kilmer and vincent donofrio is free on vudu. It remained a popular destination through the 1970s, but by the 1980s, the lake became so polluted that the fish in it started dying hence the smell. Staring peter sarsgaard, vincent donofrio, val kilmer and doug hutchison.

Also, to those considering a visit to the salton sea, be warned that it can get up to 110120 degrees, youll be far from a garage should you break down, and it can smell pretty awful. With jamie anne allman, diarra kilpatrick, john davis walker. I went out in the 120 degree heat test out my new glidegear slider, my aim was to capture the desolate feel of the salton sea in a cinematic way. The salton sea is a characterdriven crime thriller about an unlikely hero entangled in a web of deceit and treachery. His determination to spread his message that god is love was unfazed, and the site has become somewhat of a pilgrimage destination.

Color graded using the amazing m31 lut from vision color orisis. The salton sea is a lowlife black comedy drawing inspiration from memento, pulp fiction and those trendy british thrillers about drug lads. Watch plagues and pleasures on the salton sea movie online. A hitchhiker, a witness, blackmails her for a ride. The salton sea arrived on time and in excellent condition.

The salton sea 2002 watch on vudu or streaming online. Obviously there was either an experienced or well researched subject of the screenplay as well as an accurate depiction of how this life is in the movie. The salton sea is one of those movies where if my friends and i are trying to think of movie to watch, and it comes up, and they havent seen it, the discussion ends and i put it in instantly. California drought could soon see the states largest. As a whole, the soft pianos and long string cues resonate like a chillier version of his excellent work on. Bombay beach is the name of a ruined ghost town on the salton sea in. The salton sea 2002 after the murder of his beloved wife, a man val kilmer in search of redemption is set adrift in a world where nothing is as it seems. Thomas newmans patient score for the revenge drama the salton sea is filled with such an honest sense of noir that one cant help wondering if the man moonlights as a p.

The once glamorous salton sea is now rife with toxic dust. Unleash your inner free spirit on your way to the salton sea. Now an influx of artists, intellectuals and hipsters are making. The salton sea is a crime drama about danny parker. The salton sea 2002 fullhd movies online free no download the salton sea 2002 fullhd movies online free. Full of unexpected twists and turns, this is a compelling and emotionallycharged story about loss and recovery set to the lonely resonant tones of jazz great miles davis horn. Here, brian is forced to examine his own marriage, fears, and integrity. Val kilmer stars as danny parker, a former trumpet player who has become a tattooed speed freak living in a cesspool of murderous dealers and hardcore addicts near. Salton sea, the on dvd 085391888222 from warner bros directed by d. There are even mud pots that visitors can explore both in and around the salton sea. See more ideas about salton sea, salton sea california and sea. Danny is a drug addict whose main choice of drug is speed.

Val kilmer, dressed as a hep cat who just finished a gig at a downtown jazz club, sits on the floor of his burning apartment. Get photos, video and more for the hallmark channel movie love at sea starring alexa penavega and carlos penavega. Greg bassenian is raising funds for salton sea documentary feature film on kickstarter. A little behind the scenes and interview clips from the.

What happens when you fall in love with a person who may be quite prepared to murder you. The salton sea californias largest body of water, and a tragic mistake. Sea of love tells an ingeniously constructed story that depends for its suspense on the same question posed by jagged edge and fatal attraction. Oct 28, 2016 watch plagues and pleasures on the salton sea movie online free download on onchannel. Kiss kiss, bang bang 2005 alexander 2004 staff sgt. Tucked away deep in the southern californian desert, the salton sea is quite a peculiar place in desperate need of relief to assure the survival of its fragile ecosystem. The salton sea is a 2002 neonoir crime film directed by d. The salton sea soundtrack from 2002, composed by thomas newman.

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