Army property book procedures

Durable items do not require property book accountability after issue from the sra, but do require hand receipt control when issued to the user. Property accountability property accountability policies. Accountability is the cornerstone of logistics in the united states army. Property accountability policies army publishing directorate. Army property in possession of contractors requesting license plates for gsa vehiclestrailers chapter 5. The policies and procedures presented in this guidebook are designed to. Property accountability for leaders in the contemporary operating environment provides unitlevel leaders with training on property accountability procedures before, during, and after deployment. Manage property book accountabilityaudit procedures in the automated document registers. Would you expand on the accountable property system of record apsrs requirement to interface with core financial systems. Prepares and submits recurring and nonrecurring reports to the commander related to property book activities. Property book internal standard operating procedure sop. Midlothian, va supports the implementation team in day to day activities for configuring and designing the property bookunit supply portion of the tactical enterprise resource planning erp implementation of the. Standard operating procedures command supply discipline program.

Review and validate serial numbers from inventories and perform causative research on discrepancy results and initiate financial liability investigation for property loss flipl. An apsr is a business systemapplication used to account for and maintain accountability of government. The property book officer pbo accepts responsibility for the units property as. Usar pamphlet 7102 inventory management army reserve. In addition, the pbo does not typically add property to a property book record that does not meet accountability requirements in army regulation ar 7355, property accountability policies, and ar 7102, supply policy below the national level. The use system is derived from the property booklevel record system called the property book use supply enhanced system.

Accounting for government furnished property article. Responsibilities, the inventory, inspect unit supply records, property adjustments and wartime accounting. Comply with the fundamentals of property accountability. Safeguarding and controlling communications security material. For the purposes of the division property book, the rear detachment commander became the commander of the unit when he assumed command and signed the rear detachment spbsr hand receipt. Ensuring established property control and accountability procedures are developed and disseminated to all personnel who are entrusted with the acquisition of army property and equipment. Gcssarmy bibw smart book this guide provides an overview of property book, plant maintenance, and supply support activity analysis tools required for day to day operations. Provide installation logistics services to sustain unit readiness, ensure responsive force generation, and improve quality of life in our communities. The da form 27651, turnin, will be signed and tissue copy will be mailed to the respective property book officer pbo for posting to property records. It delivers doctrinal and best practice tactics, techniques, and procedures for executing synchronized sustainment in a decisive action environment. Army logistician interactive training for property.

Dod financial management regulation fmr show slide 3. Duties of a property book officer include maintaining inventory, ensuring adequate supplies, placing orders, collecting wornout items, sending damaged supplies. Ar 7102 and ar 7355 contain the army policy for property. The property accounting technician is the primary advisor to the command and supported units on all property accountability and organizational level supply. All army property, except real property, is classified for property accounting. Asc property book officers assigned to each site will be titled and referred to as the reorganizationreorg pbos. The accountable property officer apo is appointed by proper authority to establish. Specifications viewable on ako with cac authentication only. Although army policies and procedures to properly account for military equipment in units were in place, gfp was not treated as army property and no specific gfp doctrine or policy was published. Change of command inventory 101 tips on counting your stuff before you sign. Inventory equipment by line item number lin to avoid swapping between sections. We can dispose of large items inplace, that are not transportable to a dla storage area, or property that is held in remote locations. Major army commands functions 129, page 18 supply support activity functions, page 18 using unit or activity functions 1, page 19 radio frequency total asset visibility property accounting procedures 2, page 19 army purchase card program 3, page 20 chapter 2.

Logistics readiness center lrc site logistics readiness center lrc consolidated installation property book office cipbo the ipbo controls hand receipts for governmentowned property, and manages installation property records for the garrison and rotc units. Volume 12, chapter 7, financial liability for government property. Briefs staff on matters pertaining to supply operations. Train, develop, and mentor supply and nonsupply personnel on supply policies, processes, and procedures.

Go to the property book officer or ncoic to get a list of everything you will sign for. Accountability and custody for government property and. The procedures and requirements outlined in this sop are mandatory and apply to all members of the texas military department tmd and texas military forces txmf. You have to conduct a 100 percent inventory prior to signing your hand receipt. This regulation applies to the active army, the army national guard army national guard of the united states, and the u. The army sustainment virtual playbook is an interactive, mobile, elearning solution to living doctrine. You have been assigned to a unit with the duties as the primary hand receipt holder. Army fort benning and the maneuver center of excellence. About the property book for commanders army study guide. It will walk the user through the mechanics of executing bibw processes and how to analyze the results. Army logistician property management for company commanders. He has a bachelors degree in criminal justice from fayetteville state university and is a graduate of the basic noncommissioned officer course, the field artillery officer basic course, the quartermaster officer advanced course, the standard property book systemredesign course, the supply management officers course, and the army combined arms. Ensure that accountable items are put on the property book. Property accountability for leaders in the contemporary operating environment coe course cd 111 provides unit level leaders with training on property accountability procedures before, during and after deployment.

Operating procedures related to real property management are addressed by separate policy. All army property, except real property, is classified for property. Accountability and custody for government property and contract property. A unit supply standing operating procedure sop should be built around the provisions of ar 19011, physical security of arms, ammunition and explosives. This pamphlet prescribes procedures for the lifecycle management of automation equipment. Memorandum is completed and forwarded to property book office, and property book office will forward the memorandum to the drmo officer. Assigned as a key leadercommander in a unit with responsibility to apply the fundamentals of property accountability procedures to account for your units property.

Conduct a change of primary hand receipt holder inventory oac woac 10192y0004. Take away and maintain control of any broken items for turnin to. Serve as the property book officer in both operational and generating force units. Home medical reference and training manuals expendable, durable, and nonexpendable property basic supply procedures. Property book accounts 2, page 10 stock record accounts 214. Any questions should be directed to the logistics training. This chapter prescribes usarecs property accountability procedures and how they complement the department of the army da directives ar 7102 supply policy below national level, ar 7355 policies and procedures for property accountability and da pam 71021 using unit supply system for property accountability and supply procedures.

Explosive ordnance disposal eod united states army. Supervise and manage army organizational property accountability systems. As the commander, you are financially lia ble for your units property all of it. Given army property, property book and unit supply enhanced pbuse system, updated hand receipts, hand receipt annexes, property book officer pbo supporting documentation, unit. Soldiers will receive instruction on command supply discipline, standard army management information systems, and various areas of supply accountability. We are the armys home serving the rugged professional.

Supply request forms determination basic supply procedures. Set up procedures for controlling nonproperty book durable items. Obtain hand tools through the unitactivity property book account so they can be. Inventory management using unit supply system manual. Consolidated installation property book office cipbo the ipbo controls hand receipts for governmentowned property, and manages installation property records for the garrison and rotc units. Specific procedures on preparing hand receipts can be found in da pam 710. Army regulation ar 7355, policies and procedures for property accountability. Conduct a change of primary hand receipt holder inventory. Army force posture will continue to adapt and evolve to meet new challenges and opportunities. External standard operating procedures central receiving point. During mobilization, chapters and policies contained in this reg ulation may be modified by the proponent.

Monitor and evaluate subordinate supply operations while performing financial inventory accounting and provide advice to commanders on proper property accountability and redistribution. A logistician specializing in the supply field will be present to assist you. Serves as the point of contact for inspectors and investigators in justifying overall local policies and procedures used to account for property. The property book office provides final authorization to pick up the item. Turnin of property book and nonexpendable items 34. Use of fc form 2170, unit arms room weaponsammunitionequipment inventory register. Inventory management supply policy below the national level. Other service storage of army property 24, page 3 army property in possession of contractors 25. Thirteen years of sustained conflict in afghanistan shaped conditions that led to an extensive loss of ammunition.

Military police protect the lives and property on army installations by enforcing military laws and regulations. This chapter prescribes property accountability procedures within the united states military entrance processing command usmepcom. Phr alh151 signed by outgoing company commander phrh. It is intended to assist all parties in performing regulatory 100% property book accountability. Property book external program sop us army garrisons. Reorg property book depot turnin procedures 1 during the course of the army reorg, asc will be required to receipt and. Army regulation ar 7355, policies and procedures for property accountability covers your responsibilities, but this arti cle describes, in laymans terms, the types of property, responsibilities of in coming and outgoing commanders, and tips to help you conduct a successful in ventory. Property accountability property accountability policies army regulation 7355 effective 9 december 2016.

Ammunition accountability article the united states army. Our personnel are prepared to assist you in completing necessary documents, arranging for disposal solutions, and training your personnel in disposal turnin procedures. The command supply discipline program csdp is a commanders program. This chapter is a supplement o f ar 7102, ar 735 5, and da pam 71021. Initiate dd form 200, financial liability investigation of property loss. Property book technicians warrant officers attending the basic and advanced warrant officer courses at the u.

Property book officers work in the army and are responsible for purchasing and maintaining supplies. Accountable property items may be purchased only after t he supporting property book officer submits internal written procedures, including property accountability safeguards, and receiving concurrence from the army reserve contracting center. Property book officers work in the army and are responsible for purchasing and. Department of the army da pamphlet 71021, using unit supply system manual procedures. Department of the army lrs sop 7103 joint base langleyeustis fort eustis, virginia 236045000 16 march 2018 inventory management standard operating procedures for supply procedures for using units. Security of night vision devices nvd and combat optics 49, page. The department of the army property accountability task force. An item of army property coded with an arc of d in the fedlogamdf.

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