Dc5800 maximum ram for windows

Buy refurbished hp dc5800 desktop pc with intel core 2 duo processor, 8gb memory, 19 monitor, 2tb hard drive and windows 10 home at. You can upgrade your hp compaq dc5800 microtower computer to up to a maximum memory capacity of 8gb memory. Intel core 2 duo, intel core 2 quad, pentium, celeron. Hp compaq dc7900 small form factor pc memory upgrade.

Windows 10 and the applications you have installed on it needs a few more ram memory to operate with registry settings can lead to high ram usage on windows 10. The windows operating system has a maximum amount of ram that it will recognize. This limit is determined by whether windows is 32bit or 64bit. How to fix high memoryram usage in windows 10 youtube. For best compaq dc5800 microtower computer performance use the maximum amount of 8gb, fill all the slots with the max allowed memory per slot for your computer.

The hp compaq dc5800 business pc delivers proven technology, productivity tools, and security. See this guide for details on checking your copy of windows. Upgrade memory on hp compaq dc5800 small form factor upto a maximum of 8gb. Buy 2gb ddr2 memory for hp compaq business desktop dc5700 dc5800 dc5850 dc7700 dc7800 dc7900. Buy 2gb ram memory compatible with hp business dc5800, dc5800 mt, dc5800 sff, dc7800 sff ddr2 by. Supported types are nonecc pc25300 and pc26400 ddr2 memory. Pc264005300 ddr2 sdram 240pin dimm, with maximum 2gb per slot in 4 sockets memory slots. The computer comes with double data rate 2 synchronous dynamic random access memory ddr2sdram dual inline memory modules dimms. Compaq dc5800 small form factor memory upgrade hp dc5800.

Crucial memory and ssd upgrades 100% compatibility guaranteed for hp compaq dc5800 series all form factors free us delivery. Usually, this is the maximum amount for each memory socket. Hp business dc5800 core 2 duo e8400 3ghz, 2gb ram, 160gb hd, vista business overview and full product specs on cnet. Im looking to upgrade the ram from 2 4gb, the graphics card and the processor possibly and this is what im wondering. Memory upgrade for hp compaq dc5800 small form factor. Memory upgrade for hp compaq dc5800 microtower computer. Hp desktop pcs upgrading memory ram hp customer support. You can upgrade your hp compaq dc5800 small form factor computer to up to a maximum memory capacity of 8gb memory.

The hp compaq dc5800 small form factor takes the pc264005300 ddr2 sdram 240pin dimm memory type. Whats the maximum ram support for windows 10 home edition. The hp compaq dc5800 desktop pc delivers proven technology. Hi, as the title suggests, im looking to upgrade a dc5800 workstation which ive inherited from my work and ive got a few compatibility questions. To find the amount of memory per slot, divide the maximum amount of memory that the computer can hold by the number of memory slots on the motherboard. If im using 64gb ram, do i need to buy windows 10 professional version.

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